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We'd love to help you celebrate the birth of a new blessing by providing a gift that will be treasured for years to come. Feel free to browse through the site and find the perfect gift.

Our quilts are made from quality fabrics, usually 100% cotton, that are easy care. They are stitched and surged to prevent shirring and will provide years of cuddling and warmth. You'll find boy quilts, girl quilts and if you don't know, we can handle unsure too! Some of the quilts you find here have already been sold. I can make more.

As you browse, you may find a quilt already made or decide to choose from hundreds of designs to create a gift that is uniquely from you. No two of our quilts are made exactly alike. Yours will always be unique. In the pages of our site, you will find embroidered quilts, unembroidered quilts, story book quilts, appliqué quilts, burp cloths and changing pads. Any quilt, burp cloth or change pad can be personalized. (The exception is a quilt already completed and ready to be shipped.) Personalization can be family monograms, initials, name and date of birth, something just plain fun like animals, boats, toys or designs to show baby's support for a military or other service mom or dad. You are limited only by your imagination and my ability to produce the right designs.

Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible. If you are not 100% satisfied with the quilt you receive, return it within 30 days. There is never a charge for shipping or handling within the contiguous U.S. Payment methods are flexible. You may pay for your order by using PayPal, by mailing a check or I will contact you when I am ready to ship your order to obtain your credit card information. I do not accept credit card numbers via the internet. (All orders paid via check will be held until the check clears.)

OUR GIFT TO YOU FOR A LIMITED TIME. To thank you for your order, you will receive your choice of one free unembroidered burp cloth or a 50% discount on an embroidered burp cloth. (Your discounted cost is $5.25)
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